Wafflerama, number 36


After 37 years of silly breakfast camaraderie, why would we let a pandemic end the shenanigans? Wafflerama is going distributed. Instead of one big gathering, we're calling for lots of little waffleramas to self-organize and penetrate the neighbourhoods of Victoria on Saturday, June 6. We call it, WaffleRoama!

Is it safe to hold even a small Wafflerama?

The decision to hold or participate in one of this year's events is of course yours. However, we are suggesting things that are within the guidelines of the BC Restart Plan. We ask that anyone with any cold or flu symptoms not be present in any way, and that anyone participating follow the new normal. We provide guidance for a safe Wafflerama at the end.

  • Host your own covert event
  • Host your own semi-open event
  • Participate in someone else's Wafflerama
  • Have WaffleRoama come to you
  • Host your own covert event

    Hold your own in-family event or personally invite someone on the quiet. We'd would love to know what you're up to, but the understanding is this is a self-contained event, not open to other participants. We're encouraging these to happen in the traditional 9am-noon Saturday morning setting.

    Host your own semi-open event

    If you are up to carrying on the camaraderie of Wafflerama, you can offer to host a semi-open event.

    The plan is to use the Facebook secret site for these. No one but existing Wafflerama members can see any posts. I can handle screening hosts and participants, or you can post directly. It's up to you whether you want a single set of guests, or whether you want to host a series. Tell us how many folks you can host at once, and what your timeline is. We're suggesting a minimum of 30-minutes for a hosting session. That gives time for someone to arrive, eat and visit.

    We can lend you a waffle iron. All recipes are posted online. Consider pre-selecting and sharing your menu (waffle type, toppings, set up, etc.).

    Participate in someone else's Wafflerama

    Can't host your own, but want to participate? Post your interest on the FB secret site, or contact us directly, and we'll try to line something up.a

    Have WaffleRoama come to you

    Don't want to go out, but don't have your own waffle iron? For a select few, we will bring Wafflerama to you. All we need is an exterior outlet to plug into, and the Wafflerama cruiser will make a pre-arranged visit to your household.

    Guidance for a safe WaffleRoama

    Regardless of how you participate, we have some guidelines we'd encourage you to follow:

    Social distance

    Keep six feet between servers and any participants not from the same pod. If you are in shared company, wear masks when you're not eating.

    Wash or sanitize your hands

    Wash your hands before you begin. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently and immediately after sharing space.

    Plan your setting

    For those hosting:

    • Consider a serving station, where you can drop off the waffles and let your guests help themselves.
    • Reduce cross-contamination by either offering individual portions of toppings or having hand sanitizer at the condiments area.
    • Keep it outside. If the weather threatens, reschedule or have a covered area
    • Restrict tables to one pod. If you want to take on more than one pod at a time, we suggest card tables, spaced appropriately.
    • Keep it small. Two to 6 people at any time.

    Be food safe

    For $7.95 you can take an online 1-hour efood training course for California (as opposed to the $150 version in BC). Pay $2 more and you can get yerself a card! And yes, you can pay with a Canadian credit card and put your postal code in where it asks for a Zip Code. And you get to decide which county you'd like to 'live' in. We encourage anyone planning to host to take this training. It's decent and the whole idea is kinda funny. (Post your completed form on the Facebook site!)

    • Run all food preparation and serving dishes through a dishwasher.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing and serving food.